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Experience the Difference, Choose FREEDOM!

Electrical Services

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services with over 28 years of experience of licensed professional work.  With a staff comprised of Electrical Engineers, Master Electricians, Journeymen and Licensed Apprentices our work is reliable, trustworthy and code compliant for the safety of our clients and their families.



Living in the Greater Houston Area is a privilege we enjoy and one of the challenges we face are electrical power shortages, be it due to a hard freeze, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes or whatever mother nature sends our way.Those power outages are known to last days and in some cases even weeks before electricity is restored.A stand-by generator is a solution that would allow for you and your family to withstand a power outage in the comfort of your home no matter how long the electrical provider takes to restore power to the area.

Termites eat wood, the structure of most homes in the Greater Houston Area are made out of wood.  Termites can literally eat the wood that supports your home.  Termites are a very serious structural pest. To gain access to a structure, termites usually build mud-like tunnels up the exterior foundation or enter through a crack in the foundation, a plumbing opening or over the foundation columns in a pier & beam foundation. To prevent or eradicate termite infestations, we apply a chemical barrier around the foundation of your home and other critical areas. This barrier will infect the colony and as the chemical components are spread through the colony, the termites will eventually will be eradicated from your home.

Termite Control


Pest Control

Whether ants, roaches, mice, bees, rodents or whatever other pest is threatening your home and your loved ones, FREEDOM Termite & Pest Control delivers effective and reliable Pest Control Services for the entire Greater Houston Area since 1994.

Our Happy Customers

 We have been a Freedom customer for a number of years. They communicate well, show up on time, and do a great job for a fair price. Their personnel are licensed and do the job right. While these seem like simple things it makes all the difference and is rare to find today. Well run company with honest friendly people. Freedom is our go to contractor for the services they provide. 

Richard L.

Dara and James Levine

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