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American Dream Anyone? Love your Freedom? We do!!

Meet Dr. Luz Alanis. It’s 1978 and the opportunity to relocate to the USA presents itself and a young, brave teenager jumps at it.Fast forward to 1992 and being the sad host of a furious termite swarm in her own home, Dr. Luz Alanis was first exposed to the dreaded termite activity so prevalent in the Gulf States; she was terrified but it was this first-hand experience that started it all. A couple of years later in Pasadena, Texas she founded her own termite and pest control business and never looked back.

Meet Aleks Alanis. After a short stint as a professional athlete he arrives to Texas with an engineering degree, youth and a desire to transcend. The electrical industry welcomed him and then it all began. Dr. Luz and Aleks Alanis married in 2003 and with it a baby electrical business was minted.As we evolved Mr. Alanis took over the termite and pest control businesses and spearheaded the rapid expansion of the Freedom brand.A few years later the home building, home remodeling, commercial lease space construction and general contracting divisions were added.It’s been quite a few years and the dedication and hard work have paid off; today Freedom Commercial & Home Services is rooted deeply in the Great State of Texas and will continue to serve our fellow neighbors for generations to come.

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